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A Collaborative Plan

Ridgelark Strategies partners with you to identify the best way for us to meet your goals.  Typically, partnerships fall into one of three general categories:


Standard Contract

When the Legislature or other policy body wraps up its business, Ridgelark's work continues. Vital tracking, workgroup participation, bill drafting, stakeholder relations, and relationship building continue year-round to yield maximum success. The standard advocacy contract is a 12-month term with a minimum monthly retainer which covers most costs.

Month-to-Month Contract

Sometimes you just need a strong partner in your corner. With a month-to-month agreement, there is no 12-month commitment, but an initial fee and higher hourly rate.

Special Project Engagement

Ridgelark is available for special short- to medium-term projects on an as-needed basis with a customized retainer for the duration of your effort.

Rates are based on the type of work performed. Any third-party costs such as printing, postage, web hosting, ad buys, etc are in addition to Ridgelark's retainer.


Let's Get Started

Ready to get started? The next step is a discussion about your needs and goals. Let’s design a plan that fits your needs.

Set up a phone call or face-to-face meeting:



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