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Legislative Advocacy: Fair Work Week Act (2017)

Ridgelark principal Michael Selvaggio was engaged by the Oregon Working Families Organization to pass Senate Bill 828 in the 2017 Legislative Session.  The measure aimed to create worker scheduling standards for certain industries.


Working closely with UFCW 555's lobbyist and a coalition of stakeholder groups including labor, small business, and consumer advocates, Selvaggio negotiated legislative terms while UFCW 555 brought its political influence to bear.  Various external communications efforts, including social media ads, mass media appearances, town hall attendance, and fieldwork, targeted key lawmakers.


Through careful and closely-managed negotiation with opposition groups, moderated by supportive lawmakers, an agreement was struck that included express support of business groups (making the legislative result more durable).


Selvaggio continued to provide guidance during the agency rulemaking process. When the measure took effect in 2018, Oregon became the first state to establish worker scheduling standards.


Ridgelark principal Michael Selvaggio with Governor Brown and stakeholders at the bill signing for SB 828.


Policy Consulting: Elliott State Forest (2017)

The Oregon Land Board is composed of the Governor, Secretary of State, and State Treasurer. The Board holds in trust about 93,000 acres of Oregon’s Elliott State Forest.  After several years of stagnant financial returns, the Land Board proposed to sell the public forest in order to maintain their fiduciary obligations.


Ridgelark principal Michael Selvaggio was asked by the Audubon Society of Portland to work with a broad coalition of environmental and public ownership advocates to develop a public ownership plan proposal that was politically and practically sound.


After months of calculation, negotiation, and presentation the State Land Board ultimately agreed to move forward with the proposed public ownership plan, contingent on certain funds being made available by the State Legislature. At that point, the aim shifted to legislative lobbying; Selvaggio worked with the coalition on the creation of collateral, communications materials, and training volunteer advocates.


​By the end of the 2017 Legislative session, the Legislature had authorized $100 million to purchase a portion of the Land Board's trust responsibilities. Today, the Elliott State Forest remains in public hands and is a treasure for all Oregonians.


Selvaggio outlines a successful and later implemented policy solution for preserving public ownership of Oregon's Elliott State Forest.


Organizational Strategy: ORCOPS (2015 - Present)

The Oregon Coalition of Police & Sheriffs (ORCOPS) was created in 2015 as a non-partisan organization that advocates on behalf of police officers, deputy sheriffs, and other individuals in Oregon law enforcement agencies.


Ridgelark principal Selvaggio worked alongside the Board of Directors developing a wide-ranging legislative agenda to focus on long-term influence-building and short-term legislative goals. By the end of the 2015 Legislative Session, ORCOPS had established relationships with a number of disparate public safety stakeholders and had affirmatively passed, blocked, or successfully negotiated key legislation.


Selvaggio again worked closely with the Board, developing an objective candidate endorsement process, donation strategy, and an associated Political Action Committee. Selvaggio helped guide political involvement during the legislative interim, designing  a program to help support ORCOPS' legislative agenda during the subsequent session.


ORCOPS is now Oregon's largest law enforcement organization and counts a host of positive policy outcomes attributable to strong and bold strategies that build and apply its political capital.



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